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I got the Guitar Wheel. That was fast!! I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know I really appreciate the great customer service.
Brian from Pana, IL

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George Lynch Guitar Dojo Feedback

We received great feedback from attendees (pictured left) of the George Lynch Guitar Dojo Summit in LA, where Tommy Bolan was invited to be a guest instructor. Tommy presented the Guitar Wheel during his clinics. Below are some of the comments attendees e-mailed us after the Guitar Dojo.

“Thanks so much! Tommy Bolan (great player and great guy) showed us the Guitar Wheel and briefly explained how it works, and I knew then that I wanted to spend some time getting to know

it.” —Chris

“I attended the George Lynch Guitar Dojo Summit with Tommy Bolan [pictured right) this last weekend. Thank you for the experience regarding the Guitar Wheel and Tommy's presentation. It got me excited about scales and theory. Thanks again.” —Tony

More Guitar Wheel User Comments:

“I've had your Guitar Wheel for a few years now. I picked it up the Luthier Mercantile's guitar fair in San Rafael. I LOVE the Guitar Wheel!!” —David Filipello

“You won’t believe this, but I cancelled my music theory class because everything the guy was teaching me is on the Guitar Wheel!! I love it! The Guitar Wheel is saving me a ton of money, The Guitar Wheel is more fun to use than listening to a guy speak for an hour.” —Eliott Janz

“It's a great learning tool. The Guitar Wheel is the real deal." —Matt Beal (pictured left)

“I haven't seen something this well put together... and I think it is a tool that any musician should have with them at all times. It took me years of work (on my own) to collect a lot of the concepts shown in the Guitar Wheel using the Internet, paying for expensive private lessons, and discussing and debating theory with other musicians. I feel a little disappointed that I didn't have one of these things when I first started playing.” Read the full review: Note Theory: Guitar Wheel Review —Shaun Gish, guitar player,

“This is just what I have been looking for to teach my students music theory. This is great.” —Arthur, music teacher, Pomona, CA

“The Guitar Wheel is God’s gift.” —Steve B., guitar teacher, Winterhaven, FL

“My Guitar Wheel is truly PSYKO!!! It really has helped me get a handle on my music Theory. You have to get one NOW!!!!! Knowledge is power.” —Ronny North, guitarist

“Here's a new exciting theory tool for guitarists and keyboardists, a great tool that will help unlock the mystery of music theory.” —Marc Cooper, professional guitarist, songwriter, guitar instructional book author, and clinician

“The Guitar Wheel really is very well designed and produced. It combines theoretical and practical info in a way in which you couldn't get quickly from a text book. I'm reasonably familiar with music theory, but I still find the Guitar Wheel extremely useful.” —David Reece, guitarist, West Sussex, United Kingdom

“The Guitar Wheel is like the ‘Rosetta Stone’ that helps unravel the mystery of learning music theory intrinsic to the instrument you're playing. It fills the desire to quickly learn, teach, or even refresh your memory of music theory in a visual, easy-to-understand way that no other product does.” —Mike Lawson, book publisher, professional guitarist/performer, and songwriter

“I saw an ad for the Guitar Wheel in Guitar Player magazine, and I immediately thought that I would incorporate the Guitar Wheel into my students’ curriculum. This is a valuable tool for me as an instructor and for my students. This is something that I have been looking for for years. One major factors for me with the Guitar Wheel, believe it or not, is the piano part. I find that the piano is much more visual in teaching intervals than guitar, and it helps when I teach my students chord and scale theory. I used a small keyboard for this, but now I plan on switching my guys over to the Guitar Wheel. My Guitar Wheel arrived Wednesday, and I must say I'm impressed. I have begun telling my students that I will be requiring them to purchase the Guitar Wheel, the only teaching material that will be required in their course study. I love the booklet, DVD, and the overall look of the product. I hope to do a lot of business with you.” —Matt Dailva (pictured right), guitar teacher and founder of March to Music Enterprises

“I have enjoyed using the Guitar Wheel and think it is the best one-stop tool for teaching music theory to guitarists. The pulling together visually and concisely of inversions, chord forms, triad building, and relative major/minor chords is outstanding and very useful. I highly recommend it!” —Reggie Coates, Heartfelt Music Ministry, Executive Director and Founder of the Christian Guitar & Bass Conferences

“The Guitar Wheel is an unique and invaluable reference tool that clarifies musical concepts and methodology in an extremely portable and easily utilized resource. I would highly recommend it to musicians of any level!” —Mykill from the band Sister Kill Cycle

“I'm a working musician from New Jersey. Over the past 25 plus years, I've played in many original, cover, and wedding bands, completed studio session work, written, arranged, produced, and recorded two original CDs, and taught hundreds of kids how to play guitar, bass, and piano. I also hold seminars all over New Jersey for all ages, teaching and performing while demonstrating how to record music and use different gear. One of the studios I work at is Shorefire Studios in Long Branch with engineer Joey DaMaio who has worked with Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Springsteen, and Southside Johnny. The Guitar Wheel is fun and easy to use, and my students love it! I'm amazed at the amount of information on each side, and the music theory side is great for interactive teaching between kids and adults. The interval section works great for ear training, which is a must for the studio as well as private instruction. It's easy to follow the color coded Major/Minor/Relatives/Inversions of any Master Key you choose, and I really love the visual of the whole guitar fingerboard. This is one great turbo-rocking tool for teaching!!” —Anthony Rufo, guitarist, Manasquan, NJ

“I received the Guitar Wheel—amazing invention. It’s a great tool for all musicians: amateur, professional, students, etc. I’m very happy with it.” —Fernando Pareta, guitarist, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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