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The Guitar Wheel Myspace profile
If you’re on Myspace, add us as your friend and leave us a comment.

The Guitar Wheel Facebook page.
Facebook is the number one social networking site. Visit our page and become our fan!

Farley’s Musical Essentials
Farley’s exists to make life a bit easier for musicians. Check out the JP Guitar Tool and Stage Player II.

The JP Guitar Tool
The best guitar string changing and setup tool.

NAMM stands for the interests of the global music products industry.

Music for Life Alliance
Dedicated to providing new and refurbished musical instruments to school and community-based music programs serving disadvantaged kids.
Central® The #1 Online Community For Musicians
If you haven't been there yet, go check it out. It's one of the biggest and one of the best music sites on the Internet. 
Guitar Foundation of America | America's Leading Guitar Organization
America's leading guitar organization.

Woodies Guitar Hanger
The ultimate guitar hanger. Nearly invisible and allows you to hang your guitar by the strap buttons in any angle.

Learning guitar can be fun and easy with EZGTR video guitar instructor Dan Sindel. is here to serve YOU. Whether you are just starting out on the guitar, or you've been playing for years, there is something for everyone. is packed with over 150 free video guitar lessons, gear reviews, famous guitarist bios, jam tracks, a forum, and much more!

Guitar lessons, Guitar lesson reviews, learn to play guitar
Learn to play guitar from home using self-study courses and video guitar lessons. Save money and learn at your own pace. 

Paradise Guitar Company 
Custom shop, hand-made guitars out of New York. They created the new Jason Becker Signature Model Guitar.

GHS guitar strings

Learn Guitar Online | How to Play Guitar | Free Guitar

Page A Day Calendars for Musical Instruments Including Music Theory Lessons
Choose a calendar for guitar, bass, piano, voice, double bass, violin, cello, or viola.

Axe Hugger are cool slip covers for guitar and saxophone stands. Protect your instrument while giving it style. Give your guitar a Hug.
Music Virtuosity provides online webcam music lessons and correspondence music lessons

Guitar Lessons: Icons of Rock Learning Guitar Videos
Learn to play your favorite instrument from multi-platinum recording artists on DVD. Get helpful on-screen tabs on valuable bonus online features.

Knucklehead Guitar Strings
These are serious quality strings from people with good humor.
Note Logic 
A totally new and innovative way to teach rhythm using NoteBlocks.

Theory For the Road by Guitar College
Turn your car into a vehicle for your education. We think it works well along with the Guitar Wheel, for both audio and visual learners.

Heartfelt Music Ministry
Reggie Coats is founder of the Christian Guitar and Bass conferences. Visit the Web site for conference information and times.

Stainless Steele Audio Mastering - Audio CD Mastering
Uses high-end gear in Audio CD Mastering and priced very low.

A Turbotrem, a whammy bar, and more. This one tool performs five functions!

Kronodale Guitars 
A truly unique concept and technological advancement in sound technology! 
Music Instruments including Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drums, and Keyboards 
Music123 is your premium source for musical instruments and reviews. 
Jamm Session Guitar Forum 
The Guitar Player's Discussion Forum

Parker Guitars Forum - Guitar Wheel
Parker Guitars are unique in design. Read a topic posted by someone who bought the Guitar Wheel. Very interesting!

TheStompBox.Net - Forum topic the Guitar Wheel
Read another topic posted by someone about the Guitar Wheel; see some objections raised and overcome.

Leach Guitars
Using a revolutionary, neck-block system (patent pending) that allows the neck to fold for compact carrying.

Hip Hop Music Samples, MPC Sounds, Multi track, Fruity, Free Drum & Apple Loops

Personalized Music For Children - Kids Music Box, Songs CDs, Wall Clocks, Alarm Clock, Story Books & Growth Chart

HowAudio has a huge resource of video tutorials and articles for you to learn all the latest music gear and software including, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, and Reason, as well as audio hardware such as M-Audio.

English Writing and Literature Resource is a great resource for women’s literature, children's literature, poetry, essays, grammar, help on the eight parts of speech, and more. This Web site is a great resource for students and teachers.

Music Production ModernBeats 
Hit Talk teaches music production techniques and training for aspiring musicians, plus music contracts, beat contests, and more.
A helpful site created as a resource to help you learn guitar.
One of the Internet’s most popular folk music Web sites

Piano Lesson DVD
Teach yourself how to play piano at home using DVD lessons and self-study materials created by music education professionals.

Blues Guitar Lessons
Learn to play the blues with online and DVD lessons taught by some of the best blues guitar teachers in the country.

Guitar Wheel ads have been seen in the following publications:

Guitar Player magazine
In the "Guitar Bazaar" section near the back of the monthly issues.

Guitar World Magazine 
Found near the back in the monthly issues and in the "Guitar World Buyer's Guide."

The Music Trades magazine

Guitar One magazine
In the "Marketplace" section in the back and in the "Dealer's/Buyer's Guide" for the year.

MMR Magazine

Fingerstyle Guitar magazine

Karaoke Mixer offers a full line of karaoke machines and equipment including players, amplifiers, mixers, speakers and more.

Link to the Guitar Wheel Web site:

The Guitar Wheel is a must-have tool for learning music theory. Musicians and guitarists everywhere would benefit so much from having this tool, but surprisingly, not everyone has heard about it yet! If you would like to help us tell more people about the Guitar Wheel, choose a banner below, then copy the banner code, and paste it on your Web site, forum boards, blogs, Myspace profile, Myspace comments, and anywhere you can place HTML code. Thanks for your help in spreading the word.

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