The Guitar Wheel Quick Start Instructional Video:

Tommy Bolan demonstrates the Guitar Wheel (long video)

An informative video, which shows you how the Guitar Wheel works. Runtime 3:17.

Tommy Bolan talks about the features of the Guitar Wheel in “plain New York English.” Runtime 5:18.


Tommy Bolan demonstrates a string skipping exercise:

Guitar Wheel Demonstration Videos    

Watch videos of the Guitar Wheel. Featured here are demonstration videos, how-to videos, and video reviews of the Guitar Wheel.

Guitar Wheel Artist Videos   

Tommy Bolan, Metal Primer DVD clip. Here is a short clip of Tommy’s guitar instructional DVD of him demonstrating a few string skipping exercises. Runtime 1:58.

Tony Smotherman describes the features of the Guitar Wheel:

Tony Smotherman gives a review of the Guitar Wheel. Runtime 2:19.

Premier Guitar Magazine interview, Summer NAMM ’08:

Premier Guitar Magazine’s camera catches up with Dustin, Steve, and Sonny at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. They discuss the Guitar Wheel’s features and benefits.

Runtime 5:56.

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Brev Sullivan, song writing with the Guitar Wheel:

Brev Sullivan gives a lesson on how to write a song using the Guitar Wheel. Brev Sullivan is guitarist in the band Featured On Fridays. Runtime 4:49.

Dan Sindel gives a lesson, "Building the Foundation." Learn to play in the D major key with some basic theory. Runtime 9:50.

Dan Sindel, “Canon in D” and learning basic theory:

David Shankle, Guitar Wheel book lesson preview:

David Shankle teaches how to shred a 3 octave, E harmonic minor scale. Runtime 1:58.

Tommy Bolan and the Guitar Wheel - 30 sec Introduction

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Tom Amoriello, “Guitar Program—Classroom Closeup, NJ”

Music teacher Tom Amoriello’s nearly 800 students at Reading-Fleming Middle School in Flemington learn to love and appreciate music through guitars.

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